Reviews for "Strike Force Heroes 2"

Best game ever

This have to be the best flash game ever made, well, its not perfect and can easily put 4,5 stars instead of 5 because this game lacks of multiplayer and is a shame....
But the controls are perfect, the main theme is one of the best themes of all time, the graphics clean and detailed, the content is massive, etc... Its a unique game... I love the customization and the massive amount of content.... It´s not only the best flash game ever made... It´s one of my favorite games of all time!!! And is free!!!! A flash game!!!! Go ahead man!!!

requires multiplayer

juego hizo historia

Great! Hard difficulty is so really annoying, especially against snipers. Edit: Rage. Simple. Familiar faces is extremely tough. Your Team is very bad in comparison to the enemy. Jyn is very very tricky to beat. Same with Tower. Nathan and West are quite ez.