Reviews for "Strike Force Heroes 2"

pretty good game
the many weapons
it had a story (unlike SFH 3)
it had better ways to customize your character than both SFH 1 and SFH 3
it looked way better than SFH 3 and SFH 1
sad how the shop is randomized
good thing that i do not have to unlock the characters
the game is overall good just like SFH 1
i don't really like SFH 3 so yeah

You can name your self Mike and get a special skin for your character! By the way good game, not better then the first part thought.

A truly Beautiful Game!!! Fun, Exciting, and with a rather good story to boot, its a major improvement compared to the first one, yet I could do without the load times.


This is also a reminder Guys its a REVIEW

Anyway due to my look at the 1st and 3rd game....

-Great Graphics
-Great guns
-Removed Shields (They were kinda cheaty)

Alot of things are here and I give it 5 out of 5 Keep up the good work