Reviews for "Strike Force Heroes 2"

One of the best shooting games ever. I played this everyday for a week. The controls are smooth and the gameplay is easy to understand and grasp. The story line is bland but good enough to carry the game forward. The voice acting was amateurish but better than nothing. The theme of cloning is getting old. The fact that one hero class' cash cannot be used for another hero is frustrating for me. The weapons and equipment section is more confusing than the prequel. Otherwise a great game.

Great voice acting, easy gameplay, great design all around for characters, background, screens, etc., easy controls, and interesting equipment.

Best game ever! it looks like metal gear on mission 14!

One of the best 2d games i played, truly i give this masterpiece 10/10, like in the old times.

this is the only game i have found that u can save progress in