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Reviews for "Creepo's Tales"

Reminds me of Tales from the Crypt, which this is obviously a copy of, particularly about the episode "What's Cooking" which stars Christopher Reeve as the owner of a diner whose help winds up serving human meat to their customers. It ends with Reeve and his wife serving the help to a police officer. LOL! I'll gladly play Creepo's Tales 2 when I come upon it!

Cannibals. LOVED IT!

the game is awesome and i love the graphic and i find it very fun to play! :)
but there is just one thing : when i get to the wax museum and write down the pin code to the locked door. it won´t open :( i know i have written down the right pin because after a lot of attempts of calculating and searching everywhere i had to see the walktrought just to see the right pin code and it still won't open! i think it is a bug :( would you please fix it?

chopping mall

Great puzzles. I thought the numbers at the gas station on the pumps lead to the keypad code ;p