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Reviews for "Must Escape: Clock Tower"


Escape is the sh*t/sick/bomb game

nothing too original, but for some reason i was captivated. the music for this game fit so well! the game play was intriguing and the setting was probably the most original thing about this game. so i bumped off half of a star for a minor lack of originality, but for everything else i give you a 4.5 out of 5! thank you!

I actually really enjoyed this game. I am a huge fan of clickable adventure type games, but often you come to a point where you have to do something that just doesn't make any sense. It's like the creator just stopped trying and decided to make the puzzle nigh impossible for the rationally minded. Thank you so much for not doing that. There was definitely a logical progression of tasks, but they weren't all painfully obvious; you did have to think a little. However, you do lose half a point for "wremch." Easy fix, though, right?? Keep making great games! :D

I'm never going to a clock tower again