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Reviews for "Must Escape: Clock Tower"

A solid entry as always with some minor, minor innovations in terms of puzzles. I am patiently awaiting something new in the environmental escape genre!

I had the same problem, with the glue didn't work. Also a couple language things to proofread, like it called the wrench a cleaner when I picked it up and also called it a "wremch" in my inventory.

nothing too original, but for some reason i was captivated. the music for this game fit so well! the game play was intriguing and the setting was probably the most original thing about this game. so i bumped off half of a star for a minor lack of originality, but for everything else i give you a 4.5 out of 5! thank you!

Another run of the mill escape games, but that's alright and i it was entertaining enough. A little easy though.