Reviews for "Sonic Drowns?"

the pixel art in this is great, really love the backgrounds, you nailed the sonic CD animations perfectly.

So gay, so fucked up, yet it makes perfect sense. Nice job with everything.

animation is superb
and i totally feel sonics pain, i hate when tails steals my air bubble!

I personally love the animation style in this flash, also i loved how sonic did the eye brow thing it was funny xD I heard someone said it was "gay" but i think its hot :3 also I love Tails more then sonic, so it was kinda mean what sonic did to him but at least you showed at the end that he came back to life just like in the game xD so thats my review for this not that it would matter ^-^ <3 5 out of 5

MichaFrario responds:

Thanks a lot : D
I wouldn't call it hot myself, but i'm glad you liked it! c:

very nice animation with exceptional quality. the backgrounds were stunning along with the under water effects, the timing and sound track ended up creating something magical, the only peave i had is that the way the bg is set up in the beging it looks like there should be a splash when he jumped in, but just a minor thing. overal A+ I hope u keep animating