Reviews for "Sonic Drowns?"

I personally love the animation style in this flash, also i loved how sonic did the eye brow thing it was funny xD I heard someone said it was "gay" but i think its hot :3 also I love Tails more then sonic, so it was kinda mean what sonic did to him but at least you showed at the end that he came back to life just like in the game xD so thats my review for this not that it would matter ^-^ <3 5 out of 5

MichaFrario responds:

Thanks a lot : D
I wouldn't call it hot myself, but i'm glad you liked it! c:

Great animation but am I the only one who felt bad for Tails?Considering he's the character I'm most like and that sonic is kind of a jackass at times but I'll five it anyway!

MichaFrario responds:

Sidekicks are often cooler.

this is one of the best ideas for a water animation
I've alwas though of doing this from the acual game because ur friends will alwas troll u If ur tails
u could do it in kirby XD
well this is one of the best on newgrounds with it's original animation and IM A Rooting for ya man
or somthing I don't know
im still rewatching it to this day XD so u did somthing good .3.

MichaFrario responds:

kirby was my inspiration. Thanks for the support pal!


This one was great.
It made me laugh.