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Reviews for "Mystery IQ Test"

This is better then Rambo Robot Mayhem.That games sucks.

I really enjoyed playing this game. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible and it had a surprisingly entertaining yet simple story.
I also noticed one of the puzzles may be a Skyrim easteregg or something (the one with the spinning pillars with animals on them).

Not gonna lie i was stumped but when i found the answer i was kicking myself. I hope if not a sequal you do more games like this, it was very enjoyable!

It was fun, sometimes a bit challenging because you have to figure out what the test is.
Weird thing is; I got the exact same result as I did a few years ago with a real IQ test.

It is meant to be an alien IQ test. Aliens would probably judge us in a different way. I thought is was very creative.