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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

Fun, a little repetitive and boss battle was a let down.

This is a fun game overall, but as many others have mentioned the last battle is very anti-climactic and easy. Trading becomes unnecessary after you have at least 3 galleons since you can make tons of money just by taking out enemy ships, and the upgrade points are far too easy to get resulting in maxed out stats too early in the game. That said, with 3 fully upgraded ships of the line you can take out the boss in the first round without even using any dynamite or powder. In another play I tried taking his crew out first to board him but that is unfortunately impossible also. I would recommend rethinking the entire boss battle by maybe introducing something unique to the fight, or just making it 10x harder.

Remind alot of Sid Meier's Pirate

very good.

the ending was a huge let down but not bad overall

Really awesome "small" game. I just overdid it a "bit" before encountering the dutchman. But nevertheless i enjoyed it. Keep it up!