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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "


BUT... Awesome game :) I love it but damn my browser crashed and I lost allllll my progress and I had the some 6th or 7th tier ships

I dig it. Cargo numbers seemed broken though. I'd have a max of 36 and only be able to load to 30 with items that take up 5 space for example.

I LOVE this concept. love these types of economy simulations that include fighting.
HOWEVER, here are some improvements
- you should allow easier access to the information of each port, maybe a sidebar,
- easier access to market prices of each port- again side bar?
- i was not able to board a ship, i guess it wasnt obvious enough how to do it
- ADD A SAVE FEATURE, i played for a while trading and getting money upgrading and was ready to conquer, computer had to reboot and then i lost my progress, i wont play again.
- more upgrades, i was able to get a lot of money that after the basic upgrades i had no use for, i didnt use it in battle because i expected it to be used at the ports.
- ADD a 'special' item slot for the ships, extra AP, damage, miss chance, or what have you, more things to buy for the ships, ships can be upgraded like crazy in real life.
- you could ADD sailors, shipmates, crew, warriors, divers, sabateurs, i dont now

- OVERALL, it has a lot of potential, do a sequel! and allow us to build a fleet, fishing boats, life rafts, scout boats. lol i like this too much

fun game last boss was to easy... had second to last war ship put on dynomite and 3 shots on each ship he never even got to retaliate... buff him up and id woulda loved to give you the last half a star
other than that i loved the trading system and that even when beaten i can continue my pirate rampage with my ships. love to see a sequal keep up the great work

Very good game, but could be more advanced with economy and ship types.