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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

Well, I accidentally hit the "pop out" button and in doing so reset my progress. Much too much grinding not to have a save button. But still, it's a pretty brilliant game. I will spell-check your next game for free, just ping me.

Was awsome and funny. A bit disapointment the finnal battle, I destroyed it in 1 turn with dinamite. I spected a long term battle, well the other thing is, the ship upgrade is not at all necesary, I think the dinamite is way too strong maybe make it less powerful.
All other things pretty well done.

Final fight was a bit of a let down, Destroyed it in 1 turn with Dynamite. Also gets rather grindy if you're going for the highest tier ships. I just got to tier 4 and stayed there. It was good enough.

what a game! ^_^

Omg, i left the game because so i could play later and guess what i HAD TO START OVER
please add a save function and add a map where you can go to different places (not ports) so it's a lot longer
over all:
An amazing game
4.5 stars