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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

Great game. Gameplay is intuitive and easy to learn. I felt the trading aspect was repetitive in the beginning when it was your only real means of fast cash until you were strong enough for the ships. The final battle was a bit easy as I just rained dynamite upon the flying dutchman and destroyed it in one turn.

I hope there will be a sequel.

It's a pretty fun game, but it has a couple of critical problems.

1: Losing a comrade shouldn't be a big deal in terms of combat. In this game, losing the ally that goes first disables your WHOLE TURN for the rest of the fight. This is unacceptable.

2: Upgrading the ship shouldn't be like playing Where's Waldo. Could the options for upgrading the ship be placed somewhere other than the corners of the screen?

As I said though, this game is fun and addicting. I hope to see updates and maybe even multiplayer? Only time will tell. Nice work, keep it up.


I got myself in a rut when i losed a fight and had no money and have no money to get out of the rut anyway GOOD GAME!


It was hard to figure out what each stat meant.

Hull: The higher your hull, the higher the health of your ship.
Crew: The higher your crew, the higher the chance of boarding a ship.
Sail: The higher your sail, the more likely you are to go first.
Cargo: The higher your cargo, the more goods you can transfer.
Damage: The higher your damage, the more your ship attacks others for.

*When in a city, the bottom left has a star. Click it and you can add points to various sections, such as:
-Damage: See above.
-Action Points: More action points means you can do more per turn in fights (ex: a normal shot is 15 AP and boarding is 35).
-Accuracy: The chance of each cannonball hitting your opponent. Also can cause more damage due to better hits.
-Board: I think this is the same as your crew, but I'm really not sure.
-Cargo: See above.
I recommend using each achievement as soon as possible. I chose to start in accuracy to help in fights.

*You can scroll up and down through the ships and achievements (I didn't know this the first time I played, and I could tell the same was the case for others as well by reading reviews).

*The ships on the left are cargo ships (for trading). The ships on the right are pirate ships (for fighting).

*You can save money while upgrading. If you have the work points to study (for example), Hull 1 and Hull 2, you need only buy Hull 2. This will automatically give you Hull 1 without paying for it.

Fighting Tips:
-Although sail helps you attack first, if the computer thinks that you are too strong against the CPU, it will send the CPU first regardless.

-Action Points are very useful! If you plan to fight, put your achievement points in there. You will be able to attack two or three times each turn, per ship, depending on your ship.

-Don't always just team up on one ship at a time, if you notice its AP goes below 15 before you kill it, it's useless. The CPU needs 15 AP per turn as well to attack.

Quick Shot: Normal attack.
Boarding: A % chance will be displayed. You have a chance depending on your crew size per ship, and the crew size of your opponent's ship, to "seize" their ship, rendering it useless.
Aim Board/Sail/Crew: Couldn't really figure this one out. Graphic of cannonballs change. Costs 5 extra AP. Not really worth it IMO.

...And lastly, IF YOU PLAN TO BE A FIGHTER, INVEST ALL YOUR GOLD IN ITEMS. Why? Because if you die you keep these without losing 10% of the value of them. Also, it sucks when you have to sell rice again over and over until you can sell bananas then rocks, etc.. trying to get $10,000.

Great game. Similar to other games though. Could have used explanations as to various things mentioned above.

This is a fun game. The boss-fight was too easy if you are fully upgraded. Also you can not get the star for 10 town sieges because there are only nine pirate controlled towns in the game.