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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

Great game, with *one* major flaw; the issues everybody else is pointing to all stem from the fact that there's no middle or end game.

After getting the first two upgrades, with their extremely rapid rate of cargo and combat increases (which is perfectly done) the game starts repeating itself. You run on a treadmill, doing the exact same thing 4 more times, occasionally attacking a town (which is no different than the sea battles, aside from the plot-bar), and then have a final battle which is identical.

Contrast to "Rebuild II" - where after a bit, you start having random events occurring, all of which affect the game's outcome.


Have the random encounters be more threatening - I only got ambushed once throughout the entire game (most players probably don't even realize that you can be ambushed) - but have the ports in the area sell FAR more profitable items.

Add plot points to the trading itself. Sub-missions.

Add special abilities to the ships - so that I can choose a strategic mix, rather than simply a combination of the most expensive ships.

Also, there's the money problem; at first I was forced to trade, which was brilliant, but eventually I became so rich it was ridiculous. 5 minutes of grinding can net you a fortune. A possible solution is to make the pirates time-sensitive, getting tougher as time goes on, ergo leaving you with a losing game if you choose the wrong strategy.

Nonetheless, it was an excellent game with a lot of great work; as others have said, this deserves a sequel!

Very enjoyable game, I'm loving how it seems to be a mash-up of sid meier's pirates/final fantasy battles type gameplay. The storyline could use some work in my personal opinion, but I could easily play this for hours. Side-quests would be an awesome addition.

The game is fun, but the mechanics are not explained properly. I had to figure a lot of things out through logic and trial and error. I figured out what the attacks did, but even after finishing the game I'm still not sure what the value in attacking the sails is and therefore never did it. Also I found in the endgame I had a lot of gold just lying around, and dynamite was really really over powered. I had a group of upgraded ships that were the third battle (right) ships from the top, and I killed the final boss in two turns spamming dynamite and the attack that does the most damage to the ships hp, making for a very anti climactic end. What's the point in having the stronger ships if you can just use the money on dynamite and win that much easier? I probably could have won with much lower tier ships using this method.

I know I said it before but I'll stress this again. EXPLAIN your mechanics. I want to actually know what my stats DO before I invest in them to find out.

just a note sell you're current ship for money or you will lose it when you upgrade

Great game,
The siege 10 towns achievement is impossible. (Because there are only 10 towns in total and you don't get to siege the first town)