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Reviews for "Caribbean Admiral "

The game is random chance... I hate that. It's ridiculous. Don't make the last fight come down to weather the computer focuses one ship down with all shots. That's stupid. Good game... But random chance determining whether you win or lose is REALLY irritating in a game like this.

The problem is having to wait for animations. You should be able to skip cannon fire sequences. Also the menu transitions in town are a bit lengthy. Also I'm not sure what to do when I run out of money. It won't let me fight because I'm out of action points. And I can't trade because I can't buy things with no money.

I had a lot of fun with this game, but I do agree that it gets somewhat repetitive after some time. I like the overall game mechanics, but I believe it would be much more interesting with more strategy elements such as:

- Different types of ships (in the game, you have two main strategy possibilities, one is having bigger and meaner boats and the other is having trade ships to make more money and use expensive ammunition). Maybe a class system could be added, where you would have a more varied range of ships, for example tanks (more hp), support (heals other ships), offensive (deal more damage), saboteur (stuns enemies), etc. This way players would be more entertained choosing better approaches to defeat an enemy, which would also have varied squads and strategies.

-More combat maneuvers (I really couldn`t understand how sail and crew shots worked), such as defend (one ship takes damage for another), stun, taunt (cause enemies to focus on a ship), repair, etc.

-An aiming system, where the player could choose between a conventional attack or to shoot at a vulnerable point in the enemies ship, but with a chance of missing

Some other things that could be improved/added:
-Harder boss fight (waaay too easy)
-Different turn-based system, where instead of moving all of your ships on your turn, each ship would have an individual time to recover AP (based on a "speed" attribute)
-A cool customization and item system, where the player could equip their ships with different types of weapons, sails and hulls with different characteristics.

Despite the deficit in terms of strategy, the game is fun and quite addictive. I hope to see a sequel with some of theses features!

Well, this game is repetitive, but that's what so addictive about it. Sure this addiction is short lived as game itself isn't that long but those 2-3 hours were pure fun.
By far the best component of the game is that looping tune, GOD that tune. fu fu fu fu fu fuu...
The anticlimactic boss is a minus but what irritated me the most was just how unclear the game was and I don't mean the interface. There was no information about how strong the stronghold opponents are so you kinda have to guess, I was too late to realize that towns further away from me are actually easier to conquer which just artificially add few more minutes of grinding to my game-play. That's still just a small issue and I loved game anyway, can't way for sequel, prequel and enchanted edition :P because it sure deserves it.

Not a bad game, but gets very boring and repetitive. Trading is pointless after you get the a few ships better than the kogg, because of how much money you get from battles. It was much harder to get war points. And i noticed that battles where your enemy had better ships were easier because it lets you shoot first, its a big flaw, however shoots first gets a huge advantage.