Reviews for "Podunkton Nightlife"

why Klunk looks like solid snake?


Wow It feels like it's been ages since I've seen you on this lovely site and I'm glad you're back in business! I was almost getting kinda worried you ditched us. Anyway great prono and welcome back

Cycon responds:

Haha. That's how I felt about it.

Anyhow, good to be back, I think.. lol.


So glad to see you back in the game man! It's been years since you've released a Project DKC animation, and although it looks like this is some sort of off-shoot, I'm glad to see some of my favorite characters back again. What's going on with the new voices and animation style? I loved the old series, and I hope you don't change to much. Either way though, I'm glad you're back!

Cycon responds:

Well, the art and stuff is just updated, really. Trying some new things. The voices are the same cast as before! Hoping to keep at it and do some new things, some old things, some things... haha anything really. Glad to be back.

WTF? The blond dude looks like toon link! And, I think the animation looks awsome.

Who else thinks that the blonde that threw the girl off the seat looks like Link from Zelda?

Cycon responds:

...my secrets......WHO TOLD!>?!