Reviews for "Podunkton Nightlife"

I remmember Drunk Klunk
Maaan was such an awesome game :D
I loved this animation :o

Cycon responds:

haha, thanks man.

I'm SO happy you're back. So much improvement on an already well made series. I can't think of a single time the old series didn't deliver many giggles. Now I'M the one thats sticky!

Cycon responds:

Good to be back, thanks for creamin' dem jeans, better clean that up before I release the next one!


Where the hell have you been hiding? I loved your shit as a kid!

Great voice work, great stylized art, excellent animation and coloring!

Cycon responds:

I was hiding UNDER YOUR BED, but now I'm back. It was weird under there...

This is hilariously awesome!
I like the narration, definitely keeps things moving and on good pace.
I hope you decide to make this a series or something.
My only gripe is that I wish it was longer.
Keep up the great work!

Cycon responds:

We're gonna keep at it! Glad you liked it. It's the continuation of the old ProjectDCK series, if you weren't around for that, check the CLASSICs out. We'll do longer ones, as well. Thanks for watchin!

Man, it's just great to see these again. Short and sweet; November can't come any faster!

Keep up the good work, and welcome back! You've been greatly missed.

Cycon responds:

Haha, that November thing is a running gag from back in the day, I'm HOPING to have more stuff before November actually gets here. Stay tuned to our facebook page and Youtube channel as well for other updates.