Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Wow!!! Got all medals in the first attempt... Pretty good story, characters and background music.
I really love it, well done...

Incredible, I love it! It's like an improved version of The Rose is Blooming with multicharacters which also reminds wtih The Children of Brinn game. I really like the idea of decision making that focuses on a persons status, like weapon information, health and hunger status and maybe even its attitude.

Amazing Game!! I loved the story line and I love your other game the Children of Brinn. Amazing Games !!!!

At first I thought this game was just an ordinary text branching game, but I really like it, as the storyline is good and the music suits the atmosphere. Nice Job!

A fun yet somewhat difficult game. When I played (tips for new players), I made sure to always read text carefully nd decide who would be best for the job. Also, I watched the health and hunger meters very carefully and got whatever was needed when they were low. No one in my group died!