Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Fun game, though a bit easy (won ALL achievements on my first play through). Maybe a bit more variety of actions to choose from next time. Till, worth the 5 stars.

I finish the game on my first try with everyone alive but did not get a single medal... Its not the author fault is newgrounds servers....
It would be nice if there was a achievement menu in the that would check your game data so that it would send the data each time you checked to get any medal you did not get.

The game was really exiting and thrilling I really liked it.
I found Sydney and Ash as the most reliable characters.
Rodney was the most annoying bastard he was always hungry!! and eating all the food!!!
here some tips:
Ash was a great swimmer in high school so he is the best for crossing the river.
Also ash is the best for dealing with the shotgun gang that sets a trap. Sydney works great too but Ash gets one of the shotguns if you choose him.

For military I used sydney but it made that pig Rodney hungry.
I found Phil to be one of the best for leading during a shootout or trying to pass a place.
Vivica was the best when using the crane she does it without getting hurt.
Rodney well he is good for eating all the food.... So I rarely was able to use him. He nearly died of hunger in the end.

Most useful person hands down has to be Vivica

so like i played this game and it was fun.. but i didn't get vivica why cause she walked into the water and her shoes got dirty and died that.. made me laugh so hard. l0l0l0

Give ya few tips
Vivica - fcking useless in fights but she does best using a crane
Sydney - is good at bandits and thugs
phil - is good at making distractions
ash - can swim as fvck and does best in handgun fights

that's all folks