Reviews for "Skunk Meat"

Not bad, has potential, but you practically have to be trying to kill someone for them to die off. Otherwise you can live with sending alternate people while feeding and doctoring in each safe spot to keep everyone relatively up. Easy game, decent story, though you coulda done with a wider variation of situations. Just had to find the right person for each one and it became a lot simpler.

It would have been nice to see less repetition, and it never seemed like there was a chance you could lose.

At the beginning I was pretty interested in this game and I read through most of the textboxes. Eventually though, things started repeating itself, and it became a major clickfest. The only thing I did was: look at the health and hunger bar of the party, click on food/meds 4 times, click continue, pick Sydney because she apparently got the most OP loadout in the entire game, and therefore rarely took damage. Rinse and repeat. And apparently that worked perfectly fine, because the game is so damn unbalanced, and relies basically on the luck that you have the best outcome in a fight. I tried sending in the others, but Vivica basically got so much BS in the missions I sent her at that she became annoying, Phil basically got so low (like a bit more than half omgwtfgameoverman), with so little yield from searching that I never used him, Rodney was just a powerhouse that would have just ruined everything, Ash had his share, but somehow he seemed to be less effective than Sydney.
Health and hunger are easy to maintain as well. Food and Medkits are just plentiful in the area and searching it is basically a chore. If there was another aspect that made the whole thing interesting than I certainly would've liked it more, but now the only thing that really happens is that you send a guy out and he gets shat upon.
It feels like this game was being rushed, there are reused assets all over the place, and there's a lack of sound effects to accompany the experience. More so with the ending screen that just says 'You won, gg' and where the drawings vary from colored sketch(seriously, Ash looks nothing like his in-game avatar at the end screen) to good quality art, scaled down to pixelated.
As for music, the game is lacking in that too, it only has one looping tune that gets a bit annoying after a while.

I liked Alice Is Dead, I liked Hood, I liked Sagitarrian, but I don't think I'll like this text adventure thing though.

I really love the concept for the game, but Sydney is way to powerful. If you choose to make sequel maybe you could add some choice for the characters to make and would effect whether the character leaves the group or chooses leave a group member behind member behind. Something along those lines. I love all your games and I hope you keep up the good work and can't wait to see what you produce next.

Read nothing. Spammed buttons. Won. Not sure if good or not...