Reviews for "Call of 'Doody'"

super hard to dodge those dang electric shocks. Otherwise not bad

I didn't think this had anything to do with the "Call Of Duty" game. Heh, it looks like doody. I appreciate you trying to make something original. I don't know why this appeared on my playlist or whatever it is you call it. I was in no way expecting this. I am reminded of a cartoon here about a clown named "Doody".

What annoyed me is that I wasn't able to get any hits at all. It was strange how I thought I was so close to doing it. Anyway, the graphics are surprisingly good. It's a pretty weird game once you think about it. I guess the bit about you being randomly electricuted made it look like that.

That was both fun and hilarious, but man that electricity is brutal! Dial it back a bit I barley get a chance to crap on cars before I'm a crispy critter!

Crappin' on cars :l

The timing is a bitch.

Sabtastic responds:

I knowww. x_x