Reviews for "Call of 'Doody'"

This is a good game.There are a few little minor mistakes. Next time could you make the cars slow down a little bit, I know your trying to make it a little tricky, but dont make them go so fast that ive always got to poop to death on purpose just to hit one car,also making i have to jump every second to avoid the electricity. Thanks!

It's cool.
You should add more car types and more map, maybe like side warp, it'll be fun.

super hard to dodge those dang electric shocks. Otherwise not bad

I didn't think this had anything to do with the "Call Of Duty" game. Heh, it looks like doody. I appreciate you trying to make something original. I don't know why this appeared on my playlist or whatever it is you call it. I was in no way expecting this. I am reminded of a cartoon here about a clown named "Doody".

What annoyed me is that I wasn't able to get any hits at all. It was strange how I thought I was so close to doing it. Anyway, the graphics are surprisingly good. It's a pretty weird game once you think about it. I guess the bit about you being randomly electricuted made it look like that.

Crappin' on cars :l