Reviews for "Call of 'Doody'"

not once could i jump the electricity... after about 10 attempts I've given up. not a bad game, but could do with fixing with a health bar or something. and being able to push space or something to restart from death would be good too...

i cant click the play button... its just flashing lol

awesome :D

This is what gaming community was waiting for.

Not a terrible idea for a quickie, but a couple problems: the object box around the electricity was way too large, which made the game needlessly frustrating. It looked like you would easily clear the killzone, but then the game would end. Also frustrating to hit 'game over' after every hit; maybe a health bar? Even a system that had you dying on your second hit would be more rewarding. Lastly, the darn music. The music is pretty grating if you're not into it, and like you said you need sound to play the game, so you gave us a mute button. This would be great, except for the fact that you can't mute the music on the game over screen (which, as I said, we see a lot of), and the fact that the music defaults to 'on' every time a new game starts. So not a terrible first, but those small changes would do a lot to improve the experience.