Reviews for "Call of 'Doody'"

Challenging but only because the timing is horrible.

Sabtastic responds:

It's totally randomized. :x

seriously I do not even Touch your power line and then game over -.-

Sabtastic responds:

I knowww, sorry-- the hit box is completely merciless. If you take a running jump you can usually clear it just fine.

for the sequal, you should add a "caution" alert thing to pay attention when the car is coming, and its as i suck a little playing this game, the game is pretty hard and the car is a little too fast. can you make an easy mode, so we can pratice in time and then play it in kind of way without the caution sign, can you do that ?
the design is pretty neat and music is catchy, its nice. but it's pretty hard.

Sabtastic responds:

All very good suggestions! Thanks a bunch! c:
If I end up tweaking the game I'll totally add all of those. Thanks again!

The timing is a bitch.

Sabtastic responds:

I knowww. x_x

It's cool.
You should add more car types and more map, maybe like side warp, it'll be fun.