Reviews for "Call of 'Doody'"

I played a game similar to this when I was a child on a site called ezone or something lol. Did you by any chance base your game on theirs? no matter, its a good game concept and you have a good take on the whole project. Hopefully you learned a lot and will keep at it! Maybe you could have made jumping over the electricity give points and lower the car speeds :P

it took a while but i got a the hang of it.

Sabtastic responds:

heh, sorry it's so awkward.
I learned a heck of a lot though!! :B


Sabtastic responds:


I know. haha

Awesome and pretty funny. The title is what really got me.
I also enjoyed getting the medals, even the two secret ones.

Sabtastic responds:

Hey, grats on getting that #1 pooper medal! Wow.. haha

Even I haven't been able to earn that one yet.

Cars are way too fast and the electricity is just annoying.