Reviews for "Sarcastic Bounce Collab"


Seriously though it's actually amazing. I'm seeing some of these for the first time and I am not disappoint. You all did such a great job!

Pahgawk responds:

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at the way this thing turned out!

Pleasantly because I like it when things suck. And this sucks. A lot.

Neat Collab... All based f ne smiple concept

Pahgawk responds:

We were at first going to do a rolling ball collab. but you know what they say...
"They see me rollin' / They hatin' "


Pahgawk responds:

I did some calculations to verify your math.
0 = 5
0/0 = 5/0
(0/0)^(-1) = (5/0)^(-1)
therefore 0=5
it checks out.

I've seen better but it's ok

Pahgawk responds:

yeah, I agree. Especially that "Pahgawk" guy's entry. I guess it wasn't bad, but he could have tried harder.

was gay not even funny

Pahgawk responds:

what did I tell everyone. I KNEW that a Stick Figures Gone Wild sequel would have made a better theme!