Reviews for "Sarcastic Bounce Collab"

loved the music! <3

all good except that morcov guy 0/5 talk about a piece of sh-


Oh man, Bpremo haha, best one in the batch! :D It's amazing how simple ideas can turn into great things, just a bouncing ball but so much creativity. I would've liked being able to play all of these in a row, but since pretty much all of them are perfect loops, and the first one an interactive experience, I guess that would defeat the purpose of it a bit. Great idea, and I'm looking forward to more of these!


Pahgawk responds:

Well, good news, it looks like there'll be a new one of these in between every round of NATA! We might stick with loops, or we might now. It's all a bit of an experiment at this point.

There's a new NATA already

Nice cock-and-balls there, SafePlagiarism! A fun little diversion, all around.

Pahgawk responds:

The balls did fit the theme pretty well, eh?