Reviews for "Sarcastic Bounce Collab"

Great music. Gives me a Charlie Brown feel; smooth and simple.

The majority of the animations were great as well, though a few were a bit extraneous to the idea of a bouncing ball.

Pahgawk responds:

Yeah, like that Pahgawk guy. There was barely any circles at all in his and they definitely didn't bounce. Who invited him?

i just spent the whole time listening to the background music on the main page


SafePlagiarism - At least it's flashy, we know you love it and we do too.


What's up with JoHobo2? It's like a Pokemon trainer with a male head and an oddly dressed female body.

Pahgawk responds:

That is Newgrounds user Chongo right there. Well actually it's just his head. Go look at his page, you'll see the resemblance :)