Reviews for "Sarcastic Bounce Collab"

When I came to this site, I said I would never leave a review, that I just wasn't ready to offer up my opinion or critique on other animators' works. However, this submission has touched me so deeply that I feel I can no longer hold my tongue. It's such a perfectly allegorical piece for the human condition, how we're all just balls bouncing in our ways along the lines of life. Each piece representing a different person's perspective in this. Amazing.

Overall, this piece is perfect, but it's also kinda short. 0/5.

Pahgawk responds:

What I got out of that: some balls touched you deeply?

I believe your review is fair and accurate. It's almost as if this movie was so deep and metaphorical that it went off the top of the scale and came back at the bottom.

The simpler the object, the more you can do with it and I like all the creative results.
It's not much, but it's a nice way to kill a few minutes, plus the music's pretty chill. Good job, youse.

Pahgawk responds:

For sure. This turned out a lot better than I was originally thinking back when it was a joke and we were crappily shape tweening everything. It was very fun. I'm proud of this thing.

Dude! Freaking awesome animations from all! Except for Chongos. Wtf

Pahgawk responds:

yeah man, half of his was a SQUARE. I thought we made the "ball" part abundantly clear.

These guys need to learn how to animate! I mean, C'mon!


Pahgawk responds:

vte 5 pls guyyss. thisis my frst animate

Everyone did great except that Brewster guy what an asshole

Pahgawk responds:

yeah man. his submission was balls.