Reviews for "Jazz Matches 2"

It was an OK game but it did have it's problems.

First, the solution button did not seem to work. I had several levels that stumped me, but was not able to simply click the solution button and continue on with the game.

Second the star times seemed kind of short.

Third, if you figure out the solution (and you feel like cheating) you can exit out to the level menu, return to the level and input the solution without loss of score (so long as it is your first time inputting the solution. This will eventually be exploited and all of the game scores will be made up of people with perfect scores for this reason.

Finally the background color felt wrong with the matchsticks and for me felt like eye strain.

Overall though it was ok, it was kind of fun and the puzzles were challenging.

Curly-Sue responds:

Thank you for your opinion.
I have just fixed solution button