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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

The game is pretty great,it gives me that oldschool SNES vibe. Although the game is somewhat short it does a perfect job at making you feel invested in playing it.

I suck at Ninja Gaiden, and I probably thought that I'd suck at this game too. Until I realized, I must BE a ninja to beat this game. Then when I played all ninja like, I was getting better. Then I realized how forgiving the item placement is in the second level. One main gripe I have With the game is if I keep pressing the pause button then i confuse the code to play through the game in frames.
still fun though.

Can someone PLEASE port this to an NES cart?

I was thinking about emulating Ninja Gaiden -which I've never played- when I stumbled upon this !

It looks a lot like Ninja Gaiden as far as I know, but without the cheap old things, like enemies always respawning out of screen, that's the kind of bullshit that kept me away from Ninja Gaiden.

So it plays pretty satisfying as expected, and there is variety in level design.
Nothing to say about the retro style graphics, I love the explosion when an enemy dies ^^
Same goes for sounds/music.

Ill drop 0.5 stars because of 2 little annoying things :
-Once you grab a wall, you only have the choice to jump, maybe it is intended but I'd like a down+jump option to drop down.
-Levels timing are a bit random at times, depending on your speed you can create undodgable patterns of traps (for instance at level 2 when you have these 4 fireball launchers to pass).

PS: you're such a badass ninja, you avoid all shurikens.