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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

Right on man, this game is so amazing!
Stoked to see that you made a new game, because Sole Gunner rocked as well.
Love the Ninja Gaiden vibe, and the music is fitting as well.
This ones definitely going into my favorites, and you've gained yourself one more fan!
Keep up the great work and I can't wait until your next submission.

Noticed the island's name is Gaiden backwards.
Anyway great game. Wish jumping had somersaults and was a little more controllable in the air. Also it would be nice if special weapons like dynamite could run out, because it's very hard to kill anyone with it. Perhaps bind a third button as a special weapon, whilst still having access to the sword via regular attack button.
Good job!

GET TO THE CHOPPA!!! Damn took me 3 days to beat it. Many ragequits, a lot of fun. Keep up a good work.

This game is great. tight controls, nice sound, fantastic level design, and awesome pixel art. one of my personal favorite games on newgounds. This game deserves a 5 out 5. An A+game and great tribute of nes classics of old.

All i got to say is Really Fucking Awesome! Good Job Man. The NES Ninja Gaiden's were my favorite trio of games growing up! Good Work my friend! nailed it!!!!! with this game!! I hope u make a follow up to this game one day like part 2 and even part 3! one day! 5 Stars!!!!!