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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

if Ninja gaidan and Castilevania had a baby... this would be it.
It chalenging but within reason. the graphics are nostolgic.
my only complait is that you couldn't attack while clinging on walls,
but i guss thats part of the chalenge.


very good game!
remembers me a lot at the first ninja gaiden for the nes, which was a great game.

The graphics of this are pretty good. A little squashed, but dang good. I am a big fan of 8-bit music, and liked the Bad Dudes-worthy story. I was hoping you could choose to use a special weapon ala Gaiden, instead of making it default. I also didn't like the wall controls, but its a pretty decent time.

It was okay. Controls were a bit unfamiliar, and I didn't really understand why they sent a ninja to kill mutants, but it's still cool.