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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

I haven't played Gaiden in years and this really reminds me of my childhood and trying to beat that damn game. Great work! Love this.

I raged! >:( but fun game overall, the NES reimagined.

" . . . "
Man, this was clearly time well-spent, it's got that old-school feel all over the boards. Jumping challenges, enemy appearances, weapons both good and bad at things, no real continues besides passwords.. plus, the enemy elements fleshy and gross, very Abadox. Music's very much authentic too, I'd saaaay... Hudson Soft or Konami style. Anyways, good work on this, a genuinely retro kind of experience!

Great game. I think indie flash games must looks like this game. Hardcore retro platformer without savings just like in old times.

I'm not really impressed. It feels less like a tribute, and more like a rom hack of Ninja Gaiden 2. My character moves really stiff in air, and I can't attack while mounted on a wall. I only mention that last thing, because it just seems like kind of a necessary feature in a 2d hack and slash with wall jumps.
The pixel art looks nice, but the borrowed music is really distracting.
Overall, it's not bad, but it's just not very original.