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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

Definitely makes me think of Ninja Gaiden on NES, looks and sounds great, but I can't make it past the first mission.

the only thing you forgot was the constantly respawning enemies EVERY DAMN TIME YOU GO TO THE SAME PLACE, but it was just so great, it reminded me a lot of the megaman games i used to play, (and i haveplayed them some weeks ago with an emulator)

FUCK I WAS CLOSE! Fuck I die right next to the HP! Fuck! WTF That bad guy wasn't there before! OMG Ofcourse! Now i have to do all this shit again. OMG fuck i'm already at 1 HP fuckit i'm just gonna suicide. OMG i almost beat the boss HE ONLY HAD 2 HP. GAMEOVER!? WTF FUCK! here i go again. God dammit. OMG died from the start. WHY DIDNT I MY CHARACTER JUMP!? I DIDNT WANTED TO WALK DOWN CLIFF FUCK! OMG I had a awesome weapon and it got switch to this lame peace of shit?! FUCK. I'm not falling for that shit again I don't need that weapon. Fuck now i need that weapon but i can't go back cause it takes me back to the stupid boss battle!

that's pretty much what I said while playing this. 5/5

mission 4 too hard
but 4 star anyway

As authentically frustrating as any real NES title.
Solid, engaging, fun, difficult, and awesome.