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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

True to its roots, this game is nintendo hard. The visuals are extremely convincing. The music is a little over the top, but not too much. What makes me love this game is that it not only reminds of nintendo games, but sega ones as well. The platforming is flat out unforgiving, but that is the best kind of platforming. Over all, 5 stars for how well it fit the roll and how it is just plain awesome.

Feels very authentic. If I hadn't found this on Newgrounds, I would think this was a real NES game. Props to you, son.

Not so many games gave me as much fun as this one. However, the higher the level, the more it relies on learning, instead of using skill. Last boss is nearly impossible if you don't have any weapon, and too hard even if you have one. But if you manage to get to him with dynamite and some health, you practically won.

I have to agree with most reviewers. This is a bit harder than what it should be so it's fun to play. And I'm a fan of hard, don't get me wrong. Balancing difficulty is one of the main problems I've had throughout the years, so I understand. Well done, I really like the graphics and gameplay.

My only complaint gamewise - you should be able to use attack while holding onto a wall.

How do I hit boss4 dammit? Can't find hit spots and I'm usually way low on health to experiment anyway.

Once again, well done.

Why are so many people here so pussy-whipped? flamewolf393, "experienced" gamer? You are a person who is CLEARLY not used to how difficult games really were before your goddamn Calls of Duties and Battlefields.

This game brings back the traditional flavor of retro games quite well. It has a slice of Castlevania with a very similar style to Ninja Gaiden, and in fact feels a lot like Ninja Gaiden. For you people who found it hard, I actually found it a bit easier than the titles I just mentioned.

Anyways, the story. Forget the story. Gameplay is smooth, music has that old-school feel and it works very well with this as expected. It doesn't bring anything new to gaming, afterall it is an inspired piece based off of old games. My only real gripe is the fact that when you gain a new weapon, there is no option to change to your regular sword, or even a secondary weapon. Of course, to balance this, an ammunition system may have been required, but I guess it's fine since new weapons gained have unlimited uses. Although that does not justify the inability to use your standard sword. Furthermore powerups are forced upon you, so you can't switch to old ones, etc. If you're not careful you can end up getting a weapon that is not at all useful for the current situation.

On the other, really good work, keeping it real simple. The password system is a nice throwback to how older games didn't have save files, and it's debatable whether or not it should be kept in a future installment or other games you may create.

Difficulty is not an issue. Again I repeat, I found this easier than a lot of other retro games.