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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

Good game, even though I didn't get too far.
The weapon selection is a bit confusing to me, though.

I'm only on stage 2 but this game is incredible so far. Feels like it could actually be an old NES Ninja Gaiden game.

The game's good reminds me of the Shinobi games but it needs some sort of smart bomb type device like shinobi 3's ninpo but overall it is a very well made game

Wow. This game is nostalgic. The controls are very tight, and the game reminds me of Ninja Gaiden and Contra. Interesting concept and you did a great job, I think. Keep up the good work; I expect more product from you, sir.

Awesome. I enjoy using the weapon that looks like a boomerang when you fire it and it comes back. 5 stars for Sinclarian again ;)