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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

Your game is a wonderful gift for fans of ninja gaiden!

No contest. Best ninja gaiden ripoff ever.

Loved it. Has that old school Contra + ninja Gaiden feel. A little more difficult than I'm used to but then again old school 8-bit games were kind in the difficulty department. Would slightly improve the dynamite power up. Seems useless, and goofy. Beyond that its a great game.

PERFECT! I love ninja gaiden. The first one anyways, took FOREVER to get good enough to beat it. I'm on level 3 right now and it has just been a flashback to NES style fun and difficulty. I wish i could just plug my NES controller into the computer for this. Can you make the keys customizable? It just seems instinctive to have the 'inside' button be attack.

I haven't played this much, because I m not a fan of Ninja Gaiden and modern 8-bit.
Seems like it plays nice.