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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

I suck at Ninja Gaiden, and I probably thought that I'd suck at this game too. Until I realized, I must BE a ninja to beat this game. Then when I played all ninja like, I was getting better. Then I realized how forgiving the item placement is in the second level. One main gripe I have With the game is if I keep pressing the pause button then i confuse the code to play through the game in frames.
still fun though.

Hard but has a nice classic feel to it.

You really captured the flavor of that era perfectly in all areas, so much so that I had deja vu playing this game. This is a must for all children of the 80s.

One of the most legit nes vibes I've had in a long time. Really took me back to my childhood, thanks!

the game was good but not great I haven't played such a big various game for along time , but I think there was a reason that 8-bit nes games died and I think it was a good one ,I hated the weapon system (that I couldn't keep or choose from them) ,so I think it's a good game for 8-bit nes fans (like you) wich i'm not.thank you very much any way : )