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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

I hate this game. More than life.

Pretty good; this actually felt like an NES game. A few questions though.

Why can't you attack during a wall cling?

Why A and S as attack and jump as opposed to the more-used Z and X? (Personally I like A and Z)

I'm also torn on the fact that you have to press jump again to wall cling. On one hand it's annoying to have to press another button to do that, on another it's kind of cool for clinging to a specific spot on a wall.

All in all, pretty fun.

i suck at this crap

Jump button is hella gay, i mix them up.

SinclairStrange responds:

Then change them in options.

Well my good sir, I can't remember the last time when I was hurting myself by punching and kicking the edge of my desk till I saw a blood. Belive me, if this game physically have a mother, then I called her by the name of the bitch, God one and mighty know how many times. The frustration and determination reach the zenith...and, my good sir, that is the reason, why this game is one of best games here on Newgrounds submitted for a long, real' long time. BEATED THIS BIIAAAATCH!!