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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

For me it's 5/5, like the graphycs and music. Really gives me the "retro" feeling. There's one thing that could really add to the gameplay, it's simple: put the "UP" button as JUMP too.

This game is awesome!Graphics,levels,monster,speci al atacks,and awesome you can get to a level with password! Now its time to say..........................LISTEN DEAR PLAYERS!!Who don't like this game is one who don't know to play anything or who don't want appreciate the very good work from the creator! That's all for moment..........5 Rating,5 Vote! :)

I wish I could honestly give this more than 4 stars but the control system is a bit clunky. It feels like when you're trying to wall climb you're in a life and death struggle with the 'control pad' where normally you would try and smash the damn thing against the wall... but unfortunately it's a keyboard and probably won't go far...

The music is good, 8 bit era indeed but very very annoying when you're failing the same obstacle again and again (as I did on 1-3)

Very good homage to 8 bit games but just goes to remind you of how you might look at those old games with rose-tinted glasses.

Good 8-bit and decent difficulty, but what makes this game only 2 stars... the controls.

Yes, there are 3 types of controls, but all are the same setup. What's the point of having an UP arrow and using the W in WASD, if you can't use it to JUMP!?! Even having the SPACE BAR as the jump key is far more common! A keyboard is nothing like an arcade machine setup, there is no joystick to move and there are far more than 2 buttons... so with the same setup with each type of controls, the results are the same - FAR harder game play with the requirement of getting used to the controls.

Also, why is it so easy to pick up another weapon? And if I deselect, why does it go back to being the starter weapon? Terrible.

Good..but DAMN IS IT HARD!