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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

It's a good game but some sprites are a bit shamelessly ripped like the "mutants" being skeletons from Castlevania with some tentacles added to them.

Wow, this is another game that just has a certain point where I can not beat it at all. I thought at first that I lost health by going in the water. I now realize that was just the sound I was making with my weapon. The hard part is on level 1-2 (I think?) where there's a waterfall next to a wall. I don't think you can latch onto it quick enough. The bats were freaking murder.

It was cool to have different weapons. However, at the same time, it was kind of obnoxious, as I had to aim everything correctly. The graphcs are good, though. If you have a lot of patience, check this thing out! It's a doozy!

Noticed the island's name is Gaiden backwards.
Anyway great game. Wish jumping had somersaults and was a little more controllable in the air. Also it would be nice if special weapons like dynamite could run out, because it's very hard to kill anyone with it. Perhaps bind a third button as a special weapon, whilst still having access to the sword via regular attack button.
Good job!

You just made my loves come true too!
I love ninjas and 8-Bit NES games, but I don't have what it takes to make these games...
Level design is great!! And so is game mechanics!!
All in all, you greatly achieved your goal, this could just be an old and great NES game!

Very well made, but personally I would've preferred WASD and mouse controls. I like how it's very similar to Ninja Gaiden.