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Reviews for "Ninja Virus"

GET TO THE CHOPPA!!! Damn took me 3 days to beat it. Many ragequits, a lot of fun. Keep up a good work.

So far I'm at level 4 and I just want to note that. Very, very good homage/retro NES action game dude. Great sprite work. A lot of attention to detail. The control was great. Caught a bunch of homages like when your character gets hurt he makes the same hurt sound as in the old Castlevanias and I think Zelda 2 had the same sound effect.

Level 4 is pissing me off (I hate that wind pushing you in a direction mechanic) but I will persevere. Only complaints I have so far:

You have very little post-hit invincibility. I don't know if this was intentional to make it NES-hard or not but when you deal with those running dudes or you're trying to make a jump and get blind sided it can be pretty devastating with the amount of damage you take.

Some worthless weapons like the Shurikan or the boomerang Shurikan. I was going to say the dynamite you throw upwards is worthless but it makes the 2nd boss fight easier and thankfully you can use it at point blank if you crouch so you got me there. I know the Shurikans are Gaiden references but why do they do less damage compared to the Fireball or Dynamite or Wave Sword Beam thingy? Also, the Shurikans should not use a symbol represented by a cross because your brain sees a red and white cross and thinks "health" and accidentally pick it up. I'm glad that the heart is clearly represented by a heart.

Sometimes bigger enemies that take 3 hits to kill with your default sword or the Shurikans can be killed in one hit by the better weapons (Dynamite, Wave Sword, Fireball) but only sometimes. It looks like a bug but sometimes it takes 3 hits to kill them with these weapons randomly.

Overall it's fantastic and it fixes some big problems I have with the Gaiden games (having limited ammo on your special weapons and enemies that constantly respawn even if you move slightly away from an area and they come right back) make more of these dude. I'd love to see an homage to NES Batman/Shatterhand/Power Blade/Zan.

Hey zeon 101,to jump on walls you have to jump on the wall and press the jump button in mid-air.anyways this game kinda sucks.

why cant i jump on walls

This is just a worse version of ninja gaiden on the nes. If I wanted to play ninja gaiden, I would have gotten a rom for my emulator. The graphics and everything are pretty good, but there is little originality here. With your skills you could make a great original 8 bit game that rivals the classics you're paying homage to. Better luck next time.