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Reviews for "Contra 25th Anniversary"

The controls aren't fluid, character motion too. If you fix that, I can give 4 then.

Jhunour responds:

Many thanks for your feedback and I will improve it later. You can also enhance the control and motion by the following ways:
1. Check the "simplify for slow computers" in the game options.
2. Turn off all the other programs and windows as well as the "Lights" obove the game window.

Good remake, insane mode is...insane but loveable.

Only problem I encountered was you were able to instantly kill yourself by dropping through many floors into the deathvoid below the screen.

Jhunour responds:

Please see my response obove and also be careful to press the "jump" shortly.

Just remember my childhood game ^_^

Not bad. though the weapon select could use a bit of tweaking though.

Jhunour responds:

Many thanks for your feedback and I have improved the weapon select panel.

love it