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Reviews for "Contra 25th Anniversary"

Excelent game. There is absolutely nothing bad about it.

good old memories...
sweet sweet childhood
5/5 5 more 5's :D

ah memories.... burning so many quarters on this game.... thanks for making it free

Good flash version of contra with a nice touch of ranking and medals but sadly, the control being glichy just make you wish you were playing the original nes one instead.

Jhunour responds:

I presume that the control might not be acceptable in some unknown situation. Could you provide your hardware(CPU, memory...) and software (OS, browser...) details? Thanks.

The control might be unstable when your system is under heavy load, so:
1. Check the "simplify for slow computers" in the game options.
2. Turn off all the other programs and windows as well as the "Lights" obove the game window.

nice game
you got an 5 for your effort