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Reviews for "Contra 25th Anniversary"

i think my mouse is broken because i cannot start the game =[

(takes deep breath).........FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111(breaks keyboard

Feels good being one of only very few people to have the 4-Star Contra medal. (Only 12, myself included, at time of posting)

At first I didn't like this game as much because it wasn't as true to the original NES Contra as I would have liked. But just trying to get all the medals really made this version worth playing. This version is actually harder than the NES Contra, and with significant differences which I'll outline below (to help people who are used to the NES Contra). For reference, I can beat the NES Contra without losing a life, but not so with this version.

Turrets and anything with aiming behave differently on here than on NES Contra. In particular this version has far more diagonals than just the four the NES Contra had. There are still sweet spots but they differ from what they were on the NES.

Ducking while pressing the jump button will make you fall through any floor, even the bottom floor, to your death, which wasn't the case on NES Contra where you couldn't fall through the bottom floor. So you have to be more careful.

You can click weapons at the bottom to upgrade at any time, but since you usually have tons of enemies to deal with this is pretty deadly/risky most of the times but is an option which wasn't available in the NES Contra.

The tanks' (in snow field) sweet spot differs from what it was on NES Contra. On NES Contra you went to the far left, turned, and fired confident they'd continuously fire at your feet and miss. You die if you try that here but there is still a sweet spot. Instead of going far away, get up close to the tank but not too close and you'll hit a sweet spot where it'll constantly fire at your feet and miss.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can cross the exploding bridge in this version, which disappointed me since I'd always cross along the exploding bridge in the NES Contra version.

Enemies spawn much quicker and certain things home in much faster in this version than on NES Contra. In particular those homing spike things some of the stationary alien mouths make in the last stage are ridiculously fast in this version. Also the shrimp enemies at the mid-boss in the last stage in this version are quite more of a nuisance than on the NES Contra.

As per the NES Contra the weapon you want and want to stick with is Spreadfire. Take advantage that you can select your weapon and choose Spreadfire every time if you have a small safe timing window to take advantage of to click it.

To get the 4-Star Contra medal, beat the game on Insane mode without continuing should give you that. Continues reset your score and Insane mode boosts your score by a lot plus more enemies naturally = higher score. Try to beat the levels as quickly as you can as you get time bonuses. And if you beat the game you get points bonuses for lives remaining.

The graphics didn't look like they went together. :I Other then that, good job.

This was a struggle to play. Not because of the difficulty, ohh no. It's just the way everything looks like it was cut out of a magazine and pasted onto a contra background, with gameplay that is pretty lacking. Good job man, but I just don't enjoy this.