Reviews for "GAME Trailer"


awesome link was cool i will have the game i will make a video i can not for it comming eror to me try sploder

I love the characters chosen and the animation! I look forward to wartching this in the future! However, I fear that this series will be primarily based around random encounters and will lack an interesting storyline. Thankfully, I've seen points in the trailer such as Bowser kidnapping Peach and those two silhouettes that look like they can develop the needed storyline. 5 stars since the trailer itself was fantastic! Good luck! :D

ibeat yu its going to be like this for ever hes never gonna post anther agian ohh hope yusuke wins

TigerJ15 responds:

Just for that I will personally make sure that Pac-man runs Yusuke's fae into the ground

Nothing much to look at, everything at one time.. good start i guess