Reviews for "GAME Trailer"

Black and bobobobo? It must be epic

This video is Awesome! It would be cool if a real game existed! Also, it would be kinda neat if on a website or something you had upcoming matches where people could vote on who they think will win.

This is brilliant! I adore the pixleart you've done it really well :D

looks like a kickass series man, i will have to watch this

Ahhh looked really cool! THe animation was pretty awesome and planned out pretty well. The only tip I can really lay down is add your fellow helper of GAME into the description or on the left as collaborators or something for everyone to check out! Also, is this a real game or something we can watch? Answer those types of questions in description or into the intro words in the movie. (I will check out GAME when it does come out though!)

TigerJ15 responds:

GAME is a series, not an actual game, sorry if it's confusing. I tend to get that a lot with this series