Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 4"

Ah, more excellent work from Zone, Egoraptor's freakout was what made the show for me, I almost fell out of my chair laughing "I'm done, I'M FUCKIN' DONE"

(not) sorry to say but zone-tan deserved that one

Great episode once again, but I must point out that you're missing what I believe to be a golden opportunity. Instead of "Coming Attractions" I think it should be spelled "Cumming Attractions" Or is that too obvious?


Oh I guess I forgot to review this one.

Well much like the other episodes this one delivers as usual. Having Egoraptor as a guest star, Zone tan having Karma bite her in the ass the works how could I NOT love this. Also I sent a few letters and fan art I hope I get featured on the next episode. That said Keep up the good work and cant wait for the next episode!