Reviews for "ZTV News Episode 4"

I can't believe how amazing Ego's gotten. Seriously, his voice acting is superb when he puts just the right amount of effort into it... plus the fact he's a psychotic fucking freak, it makes it all the more pleasing to listen to.

i watched some of the other stuff that zone did, and it was fucking awsome. especialy the teen-titan stuff. that was AWSOME. but at least this is the only rated "T" video that she mad XD

I like how this is rated Teen, but everything else Zone does is...

Not sure if you ever read these but ima say it anyway.
Judging by the sound of your voice you sound really really HOT and I'd kill to see what you really look like. If you were single I think my dick would die from happiness. So before I "finish" I'll leave this little poem here.
Iron man's red, Hulk is green, I'd smash you if you know that I mean.
-yours truly

i went her she hot